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Superhero dad and son collaborate on comic book, raise awareness about autism

The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse comic bookis a series of learning books for autistic children  that was written from the perspective of an autistic child.  Jake Jetpulse autism superhero books contain fun reading comprehension stories and sensory activities for autistic children. 

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Get ready for adventure! The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse follows the journey of Jake Jetpulse, a young boy gifted with exceptional superpowers! Join Jake, his best  friend Julia, and Marrz the Troll as they join forces to fight the ultimate evil-  Damiana, Queen of the Goblin Hive! In this epic tale of good versus evil, a young boy with autism embarks on an adventure to discover that he’s the galaxy’s  greatest hope for survival.

Jetpulse Children's Book
Jake Jetpulse Autism Superhero Comic Books for Kids
Jake Jetpulse Autism Comic Books for Kids
Jake Jetpulse: Create Your Own Superhero Adventure Book
Jake Jetpulse Beginner's Reading Book
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The official Jake Jetpulse store is now available on Amazon!  Come and check out our collection of comic workbooks, inspirational  autism superhero T-shirts, and  autism awareness merchandise. 

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Jake Jetpulse Reading & Math Skills Activity Book
Jake Jetpulse Comic Workbooks
Jake Jetpulse Autism Superhero T-Shirts
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Jetpulse Studios is a "father-and-son" project that was created to uplift, encourage and raise awareness about children and other individuals all over the world who are on the autism spectrum. 

Led Bradshaw is a professional comic book artist. At just 3-years-old, his son Jake was diagnosed with autism. Shortly after, Bradshaw introduced Jake to several art therapy exercises, which became the inspiration for a new comic book series, “Jake Jetpulse,” created by the duo. 

Jetpulse comics are being used by educators as a tool to help both students and teachers understand the challenges inherent with autism spectrum disorders. The Jetpulse team has received great praise. Their efforts have been highlighted on Fox 5 News New YorkNow This Media,, and the Today Show.

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