Superhero father and son writing team collaborate on a comic book to raise awareness about autism

Autism is his superpower! The story of Jake Jetpulse  is a series of autism superhero comic books  that was written from the perspective of an autistic child.


Jetpulse comics are hailed as comics that foster strong autistic representation and are  being used by educators as a tool to help both students and teachers understand the challenges inherent with autism spectrum disorders. The Jetpulse father-and-son team has received great praise. Their efforts have been highlighted on Fox 5 News New York, Now This Media, LX.com, and the Today Show.


The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Queen Of The Goblin Hive

Get ready for adventure! Jetpulse Superheroes: The Animated Series follows the adventures of Jake Jetpulse, a young boy gifted with exceptional superpowers! Join Jake, his best friend Julia, and Marrz the Troll as they join forces to fight the ultimate evil- the sinister Goblin Queen! In this epic tale of good versus evil, a young boy with autism embarks on an adventure to discover that he’s the galaxy’s greatest hope for survival.

The New Adventures Of Jake Jetpulse: Hidden Heroes Workbook

Unleash your hidden hero! The Jake Jetpulse "Hidden Heroes: Create Your Superhero Adventure" will take you through a fun and creative journey as you build your superhero and unlock your superpowers. Design your superhero costume and discover your allies as you build your very own superhero team.

The Jake Jetpulse "Hidden Heroes: Create Your Superhero Adventure" offers loads of fun as you design the ultimate "bad guy" and name them using the supervillain name generator. Use the "Super Adventure Templates" to help you build a story. Or show the world your imagination and write your own. Draw your incredible story using the blank comic book panels inside. The Jake Jetpulse "Hidden Heroes: Create Your Superhero Adventure" is great for kids who wish to design their very own hero. Teachers can use it with their young students for a fun, creative writing lesson. The Adventure is in your hands!


The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Beginners Reading Book

Get ready for an exciting superhero adventure. Join Jake Jetpulse, Julia, and Marrz the Troll as they defend the Earth from the nefarious Marvin the Goblin.


This amazing Beginner's reading book is a great way to introduce your young heroes to reading. Each book contains fun DIY activities as well as coloring pages that will certainly bring hours of excitement for the whole family. 

The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Reading & Math Skills Activity Book

You’ve read the comic book. Now test your skills with the Jake Jetpulse Reading & Math Skills Activity Book. Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of Jetpulse Squadron?


Supercharge your skills with reading comprehension, language skills, and math drills that will provide many hours of learning. It’s a great gift for your young comic book hero! 

Jetpulse Autism Books for Kids