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All My Children Nov 6th 2008 Avi (Updated 2022)




Erik Carlson Kevin Kloosterman Gregg Pressman Fictional entities Akira Itō, the second leader of the Third Generation in the Holy Grail War, who is capable of turning others into cyborgs and can also turn living beings into armored beasts. He is also capable of manifesting the ability (known as the Wound Within) to heal his fellow characters, making him the only character capable of healing a character who is already alive. In the Final Battle he retains his own humanity while the other Third Generation members are consumed by the power of the Holy Grail. Both versions of Bakuman have cameos as supporting characters in the series. Main characters Aoi Hana is a cheerful and energetic girl who goes to school with Kotaro, his friend Komi, and her friend Keiko. She enjoys cooking and Japanese culture and excels at both. She shares an attraction with his friend and does not let on because she is afraid he will think she is weird. She is the only student in the 3rd grade with a black hair color. She has played the violin since middle school and plays frequently in her free time. In the manga, she has two brothers and a younger sister who are depicted as being younger than her, while in the anime they are portrayed as being the same age. Mitsuru is a boy who resembles the model of the doll series. He is described as being an introvert and having a difficult time making friends. He tends to be the type who writes down everything he sees, and like Aoi, he is a fan of the character Anzu and the anime adaptation of the same name. He is the only boy in the 3rd grade with short hair, and is featured in a number of episodes as a guest character. Kotaro is a boy who lives next door to Aoi and Mitsuru. He enjoys sports and is highly competitive, but is also very modest and kind. He and Aoi are both at the bottom of the social ladder of 3rd grade, but they try to get along. Komi is a boy who lives on the same street as Aoi and Kotaro. He is more outgoing than Kotaro, and he also enjoys food. Keiko is a girl who lives on the same street as Aoi, Kotaro, and Komi. She is also very outgoing, and dislikes being called weird. She has light blue eyes and is described as




All My Children Nov 6th 2008 Avi (Updated 2022)
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