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 . . . The film was released on 22 November 2013.[1] . . . Its soundtrack was composed by Gurbir Jaipal, who has previously composed music for the music of 2011 Indian film, 3 Idiots (staring Aamir Khan).[2] The film met with mixed response and was a box office disaster.[3][4] A sequel titled Tera Intezar Ishq was released on 4 September 2016.[5] A third installment called 3 Idiots was released on 19 January 2020.[6] Plot From a small town in India comes an ambitious and intelligent young man named Akash, who heads to Mumbai to pursue his dreams. He settles down in the big city but gets roped in to work as an assistant to a gangster named Alok (Akash plays the gangster's pet dog). He meets a spoilt, bratty woman named Pallavi who has it all and then some, but is very much spoiled. Akash and Pallavi together form an unlikely but strong and inseparable duo. They fall in love and form a bond that is unlike any other. The two have several attempts to elope but are all foiled by Alok. Akash finally gets away with his life, but only after he is beaten up by Alok and his men. Akash is hospitalised and returns home to Palavi. Alok has been released and asks for Akash to join him. Akash is hesitant but Alok convinces him to work for him. Akash goes to a meeting with the gangster but Alok makes him return. They come to the gangster's house where Alok shows him a video of Akash eloping with Pallavi. Alok lets the gangster kill Akash and orders that the video of the murder be shown to all gang members. Akash survives but he loses his memory. A few days later, Akash wakes up in Alok's house in a coma. Alok tries to kill Akash but Akash's friend Manu saves him. Manu brings Akash to the hospital where he is admitted. Akash recovers and slowly regains his memory. He leaves the hospital and goes back to his friend Manu's house. Alok sends a henchman to kill Akash. They leave in a vehicle and Akash rides a motorcycle and starts after them. Meanwhile, a man is shot while trying to escape and Akash stops the gunman.




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Download Besharam Movie Torrent Download frodziv
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