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  • Autism Superhero Comic Books For Kids | Jake Jetpulse | New York

    "Unlock the Power of Autism with Autism Superhero Comic Books For Kids!" Experience the Power of This Incredible Autism Comic Series! Buy Now Autism Is His Superpower! This amazing collection of Autism Superhero Comic Books is co-written by a young boy on the autism spectrum. It follows the incredible journey of a young autistic superhero as he navigates his way through the world, fighting for justice and acceptance. Filled with exciting action, thrilling adventure, and positive messages of inclusion and understanding, this comic book series is sure to appeal to readers of all ages. With its dynamic artwork, compelling storylines and inspiring characters, this comic book series is an empowering and enjoyable way to celebrate autism. About Us Get Your Copy of the Autism Superhero Comic Book Series Today! This groundbreaking series offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a superhero, exploring themes of neurodiversity, identity, and acceptance. With stunning artwork and pulse-pounding action, "The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse" is a must-read for comic book fans of all ages. Don't miss out on the exciting adventures of our hero on the autism spectrum. Get your copy now and experience the power of an autistic hero Introducing the adventures of Jake Jetpulse! This action-packed comic book follows the story of a courageous hero who embarks on a journey to save the world from the forces of evil. With a heart of gold and the special powers that come with autism, Jake Jetpulse must use his unique abilities to battle against the odds and ultimately make the world better. Get ready for a thrilling ride as Jake Jetpulse takes on his very first mission! Buy A Copy Follow Us On Social Media !

  • Autism Superhero Comic Books For Kids | Jake Jetpulse | New York

    AWESOME SUPERHERO BOOKS FOR KIDS AGES FOUR TO SEVEN ARE AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON.COM! Experience the adventures of a young autistic superhero with our children's comic book series! Join Jake Jetpulse as he discovers his superhuman abilities and navigates life on the autism spectrum while fighting crime and saving the day! Our series is not only an engaging and exciting superhero story, but also a celebration of diversity, representation, and inclusion in the world of comics. To get started, order your copy of the first issue today! You can also subscribe to our newsletter to learn about new issues as they are released, so you never miss a moment of the action! Share our series with your friends, family, and community to spread the message of neurodiversity and empower young readers who may feel underrepresented in mainstream media. Together, we can make a difference and help create a more inclusive world. Buy our children's comic books about a young autistic superhero and join us on this heroic journey today! An incredibly fun book for kids. Children learn problem-solving skills as they build their very own superhero! A great book for beginning readers! Our beginner's reading adventure is full of Sight words and simple sentences. Our activity book is loaded with awesome reading comprehension mini-comics, fun activities, and coloring pages! EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF AUTISM WITH OUR ONE-OF-A-KIND SUPERHERO BOOKS FOR KIDS! An Engaging Activity and Coloring Book for Kids in Grades K to 2. BUY NOW! The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Reading and Math Skills Activity Book Level: K to Second Grade 56 Pages Price: $9.99 ​ The Jake Jetpulse Reading and Math Skills Activity Book is an activity and coloring book designed for children in grades K to 2nd grade. It is filled with engaging and educational activities that encourage creativity, learning, and exploration. ​ The book features a variety of fun and age-appropriate activities, including coloring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots, word searches, and more. Each page is designed to stimulate the child's imagination and promote learning in a fun and enjoyable way. "Color and Learn" is filled with cute and quirky illustrations that will capture the child's attention and keep them engaged. The book covers a wide range of topics, from animals and nature to letters, numbers, and shapes, providing a well-rounded learning experience. ​ This activity and coloring book is perfect for young children who are just starting to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive abilities. It can be used at home or in the classroom, and is an excellent way to promote creativity, learning, and fun! ​ ​ Different, But Powerful: The Autistic Superhero's Journey How Jake Jetpulse Became a Hero to Many "The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse" is a comic book series that follows the adventures of a young boy named Jake, who is on the autism spectrum. Despite his challenges with social interactions and communication, Jake possesses a unique ability to see patterns and make connections that others can't. ​ When The evil Goblin Hive Queen threatens to destroy the universe with her high-tech weapons, Jake and his friends are the only ones who can save the day. Follow Jake and his team as they encounter a diverse group of allies, including other superheroes who are impressed by Jake's courage and ingenuity. Together, they must work to overcome obstacles and outsmart the villains, all while Jake grapples with his own personal challenges as an autistic hero. Through action-packed battles and heartwarming moments of friendship, "The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse" celebrates the unique strengths and talents of those on the autism spectrum, and shows that anyone, regardless of their differences, can be a hero. BUY NOW! First Steps to Reading: A Beginner Reader Book for Young Children The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Beginners Reading Book Ages: 4 to 7 Years 40 Pages Price: $7.99 ​ The Jake Jetpulse Beginner Reader Book is designed to help young children develop their reading skills and build confidence in their ability to read independently. This book is specifically tailored to the needs of beginning readers, with simple sentences, short words, and lots of pictures to provide context and support comprehension. The book features engaging stories that are easy to follow and will capture the child's attention. The stories are written in a fun and lively style that will encourage the child to keep reading and build their reading stamina. The book also includes helpful features such as large print, simple vocabulary, and repetition of key words and phrases to reinforce learning. There are also interactive elements such as questions and prompts that encourage the child to engage with the story and think critically about what they are reading. The Jake Jetpulse Beginner Reader Book is perfect for parents, caregivers, and teachers who are looking for an effective way to help young children develop their reading skills. It can be used at home or in the classroom and is an excellent tool for building the foundation for a lifetime of reading enjoyment. ​ Why Diversity Matters In Comic Books Representation in comic books means including characters from a variety of backgrounds, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, and religion. For readers from diverse backgrounds, seeing characters who look like them and share their experiences can be incredibly validating and empowering. When comic books are dominated by a narrow range of characters, it can make it difficult for readers from diverse backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the stories. This can lead to feelings of exclusion and marginalization, and can reinforce stereotypes and prejudices. By including diverse characters, comic books can provide representation and validation for readers who may have felt excluded or underrepresented in the past. Seeing characters from a range of backgrounds can help readers feel like they belong, and can provide positive role models and inspiration. Representation in comic books is especially important for young readers, who are still developing their sense of identity and self-worth. By seeing diverse characters in comics, children can learn to appreciate and celebrate differences, and develop a more inclusive and empathetic worldview. Overall, representation in comic books matters because it can help readers from diverse backgrounds see themselves reflected in the stories, and can provide positive role models and inspiration. By embracing diversity, comic books can become more inclusive and welcoming, and can promote a more positive and affirming culture for all readers. ​ Make Your Child A Superhero! The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Hidden Heroes Workbook Level: K to Second Grade 49 Pages Price: $9.99 ​ A super-fun guide to unlocking your imagination and unleashing your creativity. The "Hidden Heroes" workbook inspires readers to envision their own unique superhero characters and bring them to life through storytelling, artwork, or other forms of creative expression. This book provides step-by-step instructions and fun exercises to help readers develop their hero's origin story, powers, weaknesses, and personality traits.. Learn to craft a compelling villain, designing a distinctive costume or emblem, and create a dynamic narrative arc for the hero's adventures. The "Hidden Heroes" workbook is a fun and interactive way for readers to explore their creativity and tap into their inner hero. ​ BUY NOW! Learning To Work Together As A Team The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Friends Make a Superhero Team Storybook Level: First & Second Grade 56 Pages Price: $9.99 ​ A thrilling adventure that teaches valuable lessons about teamwork and cooperation. Jake Jetpulse Comics feature a diverse cast of superheroes, each with their own unique abilities and personalities, who must come together to save the day. This incredible storybook is illustrated with vibrant and dynamic artwork that captures the excitement and energy of superhero action. It also includes simple but impactful messages about the importance of teamwork and the power of collaboration. ​ BUY NOW! QUEEN OF THE COBLIN HIVE PART THREE: Stephanie Kim is a brilliant, self-conscious, and socially awkward 5th grader at Yellow Hook Academy. She dreams of being a superhero like her idol, Jake Jetpulse. But the only thing that stands in her way is herself. Destiny calls when young Stephanie befriends a malfunctioned Goblin Drone in need of Jake's help. Now she must learn to face her doubts and fears to help Jake and his team save the day! Will she overcome her challenges to help Jake save the world? Price: $7.99 Button QUEEN OF THE GOBLIN HIVE: PART ONE ​ The first full-length comic book adventure featuring Jake Jetpulse and his team! When the Goblin Hive Queen unleashes her evil plan to conquer the earth, Jake Jetpulse swoops in to save the day! ​ Price: $9.99 BUY NOW! THE GOBLIN HIVE: PART TWO In part two of the Goblin Hive Queen series, Jake and his friends go head to head with an enemy that shares Jake's face! The Jetpulse Team has to work together to defeat their newest foe! And, what plans does the evil Hive Queen have in store for Jake in this all-new adventure? Price:$9.99 BUY NOW! A Heroic Act of Love: How a Father's Comic Book Story Changed His Autistic Son's Life Comic book illustrator Led Bradshaw is a father who created a comic book story for his autistic son to help him learn how to read and understand the world around him. ​ When Jake was diagnosed with autism at age 4, Led embarked on a journey to learn the unique needs of his autistic son and was willing to go above and beyond to help him learn and grow. He understood that traditional teaching methods may not work for his son and used his creativity and imagination to find a solution that worked for him. ​ By creating a comic book story, Led has taken the time to engage his son's interests and passions and has provided a fun and engaging way for him to learn. He is also showing his son that he is loved and supported, and that he can achieve great things with the right tools and support. ​ Overall, Led's actions demonstrate the importance of parental support and involvement in the education and development of children, especially those with special needs. His dedication and creativity serve as an inspiration to others and highlight the positive impact that parents can have on their children's lives. Watch Us On The Today Show Enter your email address Subscribe Thanks for subscribing!

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